At Johnson Wealth Management, we have a fully integrated and customized approach to wealth management and investment consulting. Since every client is unique, every portfolio is designed to be suited for each particular client’s distinctive risk tolerance, needs, and objectives.

Nick Murray once said, “The financial advisor doesn’t manage money, he manages people.” As a human being its easy to be driven by emotion and short-term decisions that can arise when confronted with volatile markets, 24/7 financial media, or the next “hot” investment idea that everyone is talking about. Therefore our desire is to assist you in constructing a portfolio that is driven by your goals over the long term and aligns with your unique risk tolerance so that you can stay on the path of living the legacy you want to leave.

Though we do not give legal or tax advice, we encourage our clients to consult with an experienced professional when it comes to tax consequences and estate planning.

See below for a look at some of the services we offer to help you reach your goals.


Financial Planning