Here are some of the ways that our firm receives compensation: fee-only advisory accounts and other products and services.

Fee-Only Accounts
This kind of account charges an ongoing fee based on total assets under management for our investment services, holistic portfolio management, and regular meetings with an advisor. Meetings take place on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. This type of account is our preferred way of working with clients.

Our fees for these accounts range from 0.125% - 0.375% a quarter (0.5% - 1.5% annually). As is typical among financial advisory firms, the lower the amount of investable assets—the higher the fee; the higher amount of investable assets—the lower the fee.

To make it simple, if a client has $1,000,000 in a fee-only account and a fee of 1% per year (0.25% per quarter) is charged on that $1,000,000, approximately a $10,000 fee ($2,500 per quarter) will have be charged from the account.

Since the advisor is receiving the ongoing fee for regular investment advice, there are no additional commissions on trades within the account. In other words, when an investment is bought or sold in the account the advisor does not receive additional compensation for simply moving money.

Other Products & Services
Additionally, at times our firm offers other products and services depending upon the goals, objectives, and risk tolerance of the client. Two common products and services we offer are annuities and life-insurance. In this case, though 100% of the money invested remains inside the investment vehicle, there are fees and expenses associated with the investment that is paid to the advisor from the institution offering the product. Oftentimes, there are surrender charges and liquidity concerns associated with these investments.

Before investing in ETFs and mutual funds, investors should carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.  Fund prospectuses contain this and other information and may be obtained by asking your financial advisor.  Read prospectuses carefully before investing.

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