"They Already Have a Guy"

December 13, 2021

One of the way a good business grows is through referral. They grow when consumers of the services they provide enjoy them and tell their friends about them.

You try a new cup of coffee that’s quite good, so you grab one for your neighbor too. You and your spouse just loved that new restaurant that you went to last weekend and can’t wait to invite your best friends along for a double-date night and introduce them to it. You learn a lot from a book or YouTube channel, so you share it on social media so all your friends and followers might buy the book or subscribe to the channel. All of us recommend experiences, products, and services we benefit from.

Interestingly, one common response we hear among clients when discussing referring their friends is: “They already have a guy.”

If you went to a new hamburger joint that makes one heck-of-a hamburger and consider taking one of your friends along next time, you probably wouldn’t immediately shoot that thought down with: “Well, they already go to a place that makes hamburgers. No reason to mention another option.”

Your financial life is significantly more important than lunch options. There are good advisors, bad advisors, and everywhere in between. Kind of like every other service that’s provided. And just because a friend already has an advisor does not mean that they are satisfied with the relationship they have with said advisor.

If you know someone who “already has a guy (or gal!)”, send them our way anyway via a complimentary consultation and give us the opportunity to offer a second opinion. If you have never had a relationship with a wealth manager, yet are looking to explore other options take a look at our website and our previous articles to get to know us more.