The Perfect Stock Market Trade Before the End of the World

June 03, 2024

You did it.

Your fearful emotions about the stock market were validated. Finally.

The fearmongers and doomers and prophets and politicians that had been calling for the destruction of the financial system you’ve been listening to for years finally nailed it and you timed it perfectly.

You sold everything at the exact top.

Your portfolio is now in cash and out of the volatility of ETFs and mutual funds composed of stocks and bonds.

You even cashed out your bank CDs hours before the government no longer functioned and the FDIC failed.

Your gold and cash are now stacked up inside the safety of your safe at home.

There is only one problem.

It’s the End of the World.

Fresh anxieties now fill your mind.

What do I do with all this gold and dollar bills?

Is my neighbor going to take gold coins in exchange for food?

Do my dollar bills even matter anymore?

Will stores accept Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

Wait. Will the internet work?

I got to hand it to you though.

You made the greatest trade ever…

You called the bet at the End of the World that can only happen once.


But if you are reading this it’s likely not the End of the World.

So here’s the point. And make no mistake about it.

There is a speculation rooted in greed and a speculation rooted in fear.

Be aware of which one you are more susceptible to.

As one famed investor put it, “The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator."

Now that’s something worth doing.