Put Down Your Device and Have a Happy Late Christmas!

December 25, 2023

You better not be reading this right now.


Close it. Save this for tomorrow.

It’s Christmas morning.

Ok. Now that it’s at least the day after Christmas I can officially wish you:

Merry Late Christmas!

I just wanted to do my best to get you off your devices.

You aren’t like the McPherson’s are you?

OAK CREEK, WI—Turning on the television while unpacking tablets, iPhones, and laptops from their suitcases, members of the McPherson family communed from across the nation this holiday season for several straight days of staring into electronic screens while in the same room together, sources confirmed Friday. “Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than sitting down on the couch with my parents and siblings, turning on the TV, and then proceeding to either look at the screen or gaze down into my glowing tablet display for hours on end,” 28-year-old Andrew McPherson told reporters, adding that he always felt most connected to his relatives when they were both silently gazing into glowing screens of some kind. “It’s just great to get home for a while and spend some quality time not speaking a single word to my relatives, whether that’s by sipping hot cocoa with my sister while we both check our emails, or by gathering the whole clan for a nice holiday meal where everyone is fixedly looking down at the text messages on their phones—’tis the season, you know?” McPherson noted he was sad, however, that Grandpa Sam would not be there to stare into screens with them this year.1

Alright. That’s The Onion.

In other words, it’s a joke.

And like most satire, there is a sad truth in it.

I want you consider what your social media use and digital life will look like next year.

Will it increase or decrease?

How might that affect your financial decisions, your relationships, your mood, and your view of the world?

One of the legacies we leave will result from what we pay the most attention to.

What’s your attention been on this past year? What will it be on next year?  We need to be intentional about this because every social media and streaming company out there is competing for your attention and intentional about winning your gaze.

The Christmas season reminds us of what is truly significant.

You know what outweighs self-seeking promotion and self-numbing doomscrolling? Self-giving love.

Happy Christmas!



  1. Relatives Gather From Across The Country To Stare Into Screens Together (December 25, 2013)