Living & Leaving a Legacy

May 10, 2021

We are an investment planning firm. We speak the language of risk management, financial planning, and asset allocation. Discussions of losses and profits, reallocations and diversifications, echo from our offices. But these conversations are built on relationships—not rate of return. We aren’t here to promise performance, but give you a portfolio that you can stomach and with which you can achieve your goals.

We cannot know what to invest your money in, if we don’t know you. What should be obvious, we want to make explicit: the most important thing about money isn’t money. Life is not All About the Benjamins. True wealth is holistic.

We want to help you live and leave a legacy. Leaving money to your spouse, children, or grandchildren is a wonderful gift, but you can leave a sizeable inheritance and leave a bankrupt legacy. The legacy you live will be the legacy you leave.

One way to consider your legacy is to think through how you invest this trio of Ts: talents, time, and treasure.

Talents: What are you good at? What do you love to do and do well? What talents do you have that will benefit whatever circle (no matter how big or small) of relationships you inhabit? We want you to use the tool of money to display your talents in the world through your work and/or retirement.

Time: Time is a limited resource. Given that reality, how do you allocate your time? How much for family, friends, community, play, and work? We want to assist you in your financial decisions so you can spend your valuable time and energy elsewhere.

Treasure: How you think about and what you do with your money reveals what your treasure really is. What do you value about money? Security? Giving to charity, churches, or the next generation? Freedom? We want to help you manage your money for treasure greater than money can buy.

One of our goals as wealth managers is to give you the freedom to maximize your efforts in these three domains. Naval Ravikant, a successful entrepreneur and investor, said, “…money is not going to solve all your problems, but it’s going to solve all of your money problems.”1 We can’t promise to solve all your money problems, but our hope is that we can come alongside and find solutions to those challenges and watch you live and leave a legacy.



1. Eric Jorgenson, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, 73.